Work together, 1:1 for 90days to transform your life, developing your intuition, learning to listen to the whispers that matter, specifically how it works for you, in your body, and how to know when to act upon the messages you are receiving!

What you get

  • Private 1:1 sessions with me, up to 4hrs per month, it’s like having access to your own private psychic in a way!
  • Discover all of your innate, intuitive tracks, which ones are open, which ones aren’t, why, and how to access them more consistently
  • Transmission / Possible Outcomes include… amplification of intuitive gifts by encountering my active intuitive field and fields of others which also awakens access to intuitive fields
  • Access to a Private Community FB Group of intuitive human entrepreneurs
  • Weekly 1hr “Ask Your Mentor” private/focused sessions in the FB Group
  • Life Path Astrology Session & Human Design
    • 45min birth chart – soul purpose, soul challenge, soul rewards
    • 15min – how your energy interacts with other people’s energy; design type, strategy, authority and manifestation style
    • Recording of Session, PDFs for birth chart and human design
  • List of resources /references that apply specifically for you and your growth in the program
  • Updates to the findings we are discovering through our Intuitive Human excavation processes
  • Results, results, results…when you start seeing how your intuition is alive in every moment and can easily identify it, know what to do, and are able to take respective action!  Your life is gonna change baby!


Duration: 90 Days

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