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A storytelling adventure delivering personal, radical intuitive events which instantly deconstructed entire belief systems, requiring full re-integration of Self, leaves the audience feeling inspired, connected, vulnerable and wondering where they too can be shattered and built anew.

When you have a high-self purpose to Touch Many, storytelling is an obvious solution to reach the masses! 

Through this age-old wisdom method we connect with the experiences that rocks our faces off and shift us into new levels of being.  It is with our own vulnerability and permission to show up in these ways, naked, bare, heart wide open, exposed that we transmit TRUTH to one another.  Being in direct contact with telling of these types of highly impactful, view-shifting, intuitive experiences that go beyond logic, leaves us without words where our souls can finally emerge.  “The sacred one inside of you, never said a thing”…. Let us gather to be mirror pools for each other and to learn how.

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